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Why we are Different

There are many important elements that distinguish us from many other chiropractic clinics. Our focus is on not only eliminating symptoms and conditions, but on actually getting and keeping families well through Chiropractic’s most powerful principle, and still the world’s greatest secret- That the power that made the body, can heal the body.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic in AlabangAnother key difference that sets our office apart from the rest is our method of correcting the problem. Our offices are FIRST and ONLY Upper Cervical Chiropractic clinics in the Philippines, specializing in NUCCA and Toggle recoil procedures, located in the Makati district.

Think about this:

Imagine a lush, green vegetable garden with a fully functioning sprinkler system that waters this garden every few hours- giving to it life, vitality and the nourishment it needs to prosper and bloom. Now, imagine what would happen if something went wrong with the sprinkler system, and instead of all areas of the garden receiving water supply, only half of the vegetables were able to receive water. What would happen to the area of the garden that did not receive adequate water supply? It would wither and die, wouldn’t it?

The same thing holds true with the human body. If a part of our body is not receiving the proper amount of healing messages from the brain, that part of the body whether it be an organ, system, tissue, muscle, or cell- would start to build dis-ease and eventually fail to function.

Alabang chiropractors Dr. Miguel and Dr. Gabriel FloresUpper Cervical care focuses on the intimate relationship between the head and the top bone in the neck (C-1, or Atlas) and how that relationship directly affects proper brain-body communication. For if the brain can send signals without interference to the rest of the body via the brainstem and spinal cord, then the body will function and heal at 100%.

The corrective procedure requires NO TWISTING, POPPING, OR CRACKING, and is safe for all ages.  It is an amazingly comfortable and surprisingly gentle approach to the true physical balance that all chiropractic procedures should strive for, but it is only available through properly trained upper cervical chiropractic specialists.

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