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5 Lesser Known Fibromyalgia Symptoms

The first thing many people think about when they hear the term fibromyalgia is chronic pain.  This, of course, is the hallmark symptom of fibromyalgia.  It is commonly known that fibromyalgia sufferers also experience difficulty sleeping, as well as memory problems sometimes referred to as "fibro fog." The millions of people living with fibromyalgia,

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N8 Upper Cervical – Tackling the Growing Threat of Migraines

Migraines are becoming more and more of a problem around the globe. They often come about without warning, leaving the sufferer unable to perform his or her daily activities until the throbbing pain subsides. A study was performed over an 11-year period observing participants and how many migraines they reported. In this time frame,

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Getting Answers About Fibromyalgia

Woman having abdominal pain upset stomach or menstrual cramps Fibromyalgia is a condition that still has a lot of mystery surrounding it.  For people with fibromyalgia, the muscle pain and extreme fatigue can be debilitating.  Upon diagnosis, there are naturally many questions: What caused this?  What are my treatment options?  What can I

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Top 5 Risk Factors for Developing Low Back Pain

Low back pain is an almost universal experience.  At some point or another, everyone will experience a bout with it.  Most of the time, a simple, acute case of low back pain will subside on its own.  However, there are certain factors that lend themselves to developing, and perhaps suffering from low back pain

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Handling Meniere’s Disease Naturally in Manila

Meniere’s disease can be very disconcerting, affecting one’s daily routine and mental health. It is prevalent in several million people across the world. What are some of the common symptoms of Meniere’s? Vertigo A feeling of fullness in the affected ear Tinnitus – ringing in the ears that may be severe Hearing loss Nausea

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Recommended Lifestyle Adjustments for Meniere’s Disease Patients

A Meniere's disease episode can seem to come out of nowhere. When an episode reaches its peak, a patient may not be able to perform the simplest of tasks. It can leave a person frustrated not to be able to regain his or her balance due to extreme vertigo. What are a few lifestyle

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The Impact of Hormones on Migraine Frequency and Severity

Many women suffer from migraines during their menstrual cycle. To help ease the condition a number turn to contraceptive pills. Menstrual migraines are long lasting and very painful. It is no wonder that so many women seek relief by nearly any means possible. Common medications that are also used to control pain include ibuprofen,

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A Connection Between Fibromyalgia and the Spine

Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic, widespread pain that is often accompanied by such things as problems sleeping and unclear thinking. It is believed that as many as 20 million people in the USA suffer from fibromyalgia, with women being 10 times more likely than men to suffer from this issue. Unfortunately, this condition is

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Finding the Right Solution for Migraine Pain in the Philippines

Migraine headaches can be debilitating causing the sufferer to endure severe pain for hours or even days at a time. Some have more than 15 migraines during a 30-day period which leads to being diagnosed with chronic migraines. Migraines not only interfere with a person’s day but sometimes life is disrupted at home, work,

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Finding Help for Fibromyalgia in the Philippines

Fibromyalgia is known for causing widespread pain throughout the body. Five million of those living in the United States suffer from this condition. Many of these pay out-of-pocket expenses of close to $1,000 every month even though they have health insurance. Most people are willing to try or pay anything to help alleviate the

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Naturally Relieving Meniere’s Disease by Specific Chiropractic

It has been estimated that Meniere’s disease afflicts about 200 people in every 100,000, usually beginning around age 40. What are some symptoms a person can look for if he suspects he may have Meniere’s? A spinning sensation called vertigo Balance problems Hearing and vision issues Tinnitus or ringing in the ears Some who experience

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