keep-neck-pain-away-through-these-simple-waysChiropractors for neck pain near Alabang, know how common of a disorder neck pain is. At least once in their lives, most people have experienced some form of discomfort in that part of the body. 

Several factors can cause neck pain, from something as severe as trauma to something mundane, like sleeping in the wrong position. It usually arises from soft tissues in and around the cervical spine, specifically the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. 

Muscle spasms from muscle strain can happen due to injury or overuse. Neck pain can arise from underlying issues in the neck, such as arthritis, spinal stenosis, and disc degeneration. 

This article aims to provide you with an awareness of possible neck pain causes, as well as tips on how to avoid them. We will also give you a solution to achieve long-term relief from this kind of discomfort. After reading this, you should be able to deal with neck pain if it strikes again. 

Now, here are some tips for avoiding neck pain. All of these are slight lifestyle changes you can make.

Tip #1: Sleep on Your Back

It is a known fact that sleeping on your back is the best position for spine health. For those dealing with neck issues, alleviate the discomfort by sleeping in this position with two pillows under each arm. This way, there is less stress on the neck area because of support under both arms. The pillow behind your head should be just enough to support the natural curve of your neck and not so fluffy that it lifts your head up too much.

If you are dealing with spinal stenosis (arthritis), sleep at a slight incline. A wedge pillow should help ease some of the pain. Getting an adjustable bed may also help.

If you’re not used to sleeping on your back, the next best option is to sleep on your side. However, you must make sure that your pillow is not too high. The right pillow height is around 4 to 6 inches of thickness, depending on the width of your shoulders. Your neck should be level with the rest of your spine.

Tip #2: Try a Different Pillow 

Because there are different pillow styles for different body types and sleep positions, choosing the right one may take some trial and error. Ultimately, the pillow you choose should keep the upper cervical spine in a natural position. 

Your personal neck problem may determine what works best for you. Because for some people, there is less neck pain when lying on their back with their head supported by a flat pillow. Some prefer an orthopedic pillow with depression for the head. 

For others, lying on their side with a support pillow is most comfortable. Many also prefer sitting up in a recliner, or using an adjustable bed can be helpful. In this instance, you can use a small or mostly flat pillow.

Tip #3: Keep Your Computer Monitor at Eye Level 

To test this out, sit in front of your computer, relax, and close your eyes. Upon opening your eyes, your computer screen should be directly ahead of you. If you have to look down, raise your monitor. 

Laptops require you to look down at the screen. If you can, connect your computer to another monitor to keep your screen at eye level. 

Tip #4: Don’t Strain Your Neck While Texting 

Looking down at a mobile device for an extended period repeatedly can put stress on your neck muscles. Over time, this may lead to age-related changes and degeneration.

Avoid this problem by raising the phone to eye level when texting and reducing the time you spend texting. 

Tip #5: Hydrate with Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is an excellent way to nourish the discs of the neck. These discs are porous structures located between each vertebra in the neck. They are mostly made up of water. 

The best advice is to drink eight glasses per day. One way to do this is by keeping a water bottle nearby and sip it all day. You can also drink two to three glasses of water at each meal.

Another way is to set a notification on your phone to remind you. 

Tip #6: Maintain Good Posture

The most common form of improper posture is head-and-shoulders-forward posture. The neck slants forward, placing the head in front of both shoulders. 

Always keep your head in line with your shoulders. For every inch that it moves forward, the neck and back endure an added ten pounds of stress. 

The Best Form of Relief for Neck Pain

One reason for neck pain to occur is a misalignment of the upper bones of the neck. The two top vertebrae, called the C1 and C2 vertebrae, are most susceptible to becoming misaligned. 

But we at N8 Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Alabang, Muntinlupa, have a solution: upper cervical chiropractic care. 

This practice involves the gentle but precise alignment of these bones, specially tailored for each patient’s case. We do not use traditional chiropractic methods that include popping and cracking. 

Before we take action, we thoroughly examine each patient to make sure we know their condition. Upon completion of an adjustment, the body will begin to heal itself slowly but surely. 

If you are interested in knowing what we have to offer as chiropractors for neck pain near Alabang, give us a call at (02) 835-62098 or use our online contact form.